Yeasayer - Wait for the Summer /HP09/

Autor: Histes <magazin(at)>, Téma: Hudební Postřehy, Vydáno dne: 24. 11. 2009

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"Wait For The Summer" has been selected for official competition in SXSW 2009, NEMO, 2008 Bitfilm Festival, and Animation Block Party 2008 Summerfest. It is also listed as one of the Best Music Videos of 2008 by Spin Magazine, Pitchfork Media, The Tripwire, SproutBlog, and VH1's Best Week Ever.

Full Credits
Director: Mixtape Club
Label: We Are Free
Animators: Arthur Hur, Andre Salyer, Joe Posner
Designers: Kim Dulaney, Andre Salyer
Storyboards: Andre Salyer
Special Thanks: Maxilla & Mandible, Stuart Fox, Lorimer Street Meat Market

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