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Goal-lossy frequency filter design
The article propose the new
easy-to-use method of frequency filter optimalization (presented in [1]) by using the numeric algorithm of the CAD software. Method allows to reduce the parasitic effect by spreading  the losses defined by terminal resistances in leader RLC structure to the structure and consecutively it's transformation to active realisation by using the single op. amp biquadratic lossy blocks.
Article propose  also new, easy to use method of compensation the parasitic parameters of active elements to the final frequency filter characteristic.
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[1]HÁJEK, K. - SEDLÁČEK, J.:  Lossy LC  Ladder Prototypes and their use for ARC Filter Optimization. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on ELECTRONICS,Issue3, Volume2, July 2005, pp. 94-99, ISSN 1109- 9445.

Parasitic influence of active elements to basic biquadratics filter blocks
Article describe the parasitic influence of 1st pole and of the output resistance of voltage feedback op.amp on the behaviour of basic Sallean-Key and FNDR (frequency negative depended resistor) biquadratics block. Determine the origins of a apparition of parasitic zero and show how to calcul
ate and compensate this parasitic zero transfer.

The Interactive Analog Signal Processing by PC Control
Describe the design, realization and the measured results of the integral system for the analog high dynamic range signal processing. The integral system is compose of a high accuracy digitally controlled analog frequency filter, processor unit for the autonomy operations and interactive FFD (Frequency Filter Design Studio) software.
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Basic property of voltage and current mode circuits
Article is a theoretical overview of laboratory task
in course on the Department of Radioelectronic at Brno University of Technology.
The main subject
is the explanation of basic terms like Slew rate (SR), Band-Width (BW), Explanation and behaviour of some dynamic effect of voltage feedback amplifier (VFA), current feedback amplifier (CFA) and operational transconductance amplifier (OTA).

Real parameters of operational amplifier identification
This article try to show the new way how to identify the basic parameters of op. amp models to performing a high accurate simulations. The idea is to compress the dynamic range of open loop frequency gain which goes up to 200dB and back determination of the open loop gain of measured op.amp.


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